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Keywords are applied as default values for custom attributes or in SQL as parameters for the macro function.

For custom attribute default values you can specify any text value. Also you may use some predefined keywords which will expand into a value upon usage. The possible keywords are:

  • %ID% : Entity name of identifier of the object itself
  • %GUID%: A globally unique identifier, partially based on hardware and time, this always creates a 128 bit unique identifier.
  • %UUID%: Similar to GUID, yet a more readable global unique identifier in the format of: "<username>@<computername>/<timestamp>".
  • %NOW% : Current date and time

  • %COMPUTER% : Current computer name
  • %USER% : Current computer user
  • %AUTHOR% : License User Name
  • %COMPANY% : License Company Name

  • %LOCALE% : The repository locale (nl-NL, en-US, ...)
  • %LANGUAGE% : The language part of the Locale (nl, en, ...)
  • %COUNTRY% : The country part of the Locale (NL, US, ...)

  • %PROJECTNAME% : Current Project Name
  • %IGNAME% : Current IG Name
  • %IGNAMESPACE% : Current IG Namespace identifier
  • %IGVERSION% : Current IG Version number as retrieved from the Manager

The Preferences allows adding your own custom keywords which upon evaluation will be replaced by your user value.